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An Interview with Emerging Pre School Brand, Kidz Pathshala Director Mrs. Aparna Pandey

Aparna Pandey Director Kidz Pathshala

Aparna Pandey Director Kidz Pathshala

1.How you have started your journey as an entrepreneur?

I started my journey as a school teacher in playschool and in short span of time I developed good report with kids and could understand their psychology. I started giving improvement ideas to the school management which received positive feedback from parents and management appreciation. During this stint, I realized that not only did I have the requisite skill to run my own school but also that I passionately enjoyed being with kids – guiding and nurturing them. I have always envisioned that the core idea of a playschool should be to provide an exposure to the best of modern developments while simultaneously encouraging the kid to understand and respect their own traditional customs and values. This core idea finds manifestation in the name of my school – Kidz Pathshala.

2.Brief us on the growth strategy and franchise expansion of brand.

It is now widely accepted that attending a playschool is far more beneficial for a kid when compared to teaching at home because of the effectiveness of group learning and early socialization. To further this idea and provide one of the best educational services to kids, Kidz Pathshala aims to expand through franchisee. However, in this regard we look forward to only those who have a passion to do something for the kids. Growth requires creative and detailed planning powered by impeccable execution. We do not believe in expanding on the cost of quality or what I believe to be spreading like Mushroom. Our idea is to spread like jasmine. Focused planning shall always remain to be the cornerstone of our growth.

3.How many do outlets you have as of now and where you see your brand in next 5 years?

We have 4 company owned branches and one franchisee. I have a target of 50 franchisees in next 5 years.
Kidz Pathshala Play School

4.what are the qualities and qualifications that you seek for your franchisees?

The first and foremost quality is to have a genuine interest in the development of child and a love towards this profession. The person concerned should be able to push his limits to live up to the core and foundational values of Kidz Pathshala. He/She should possess a graduate degree and should have done some kind of Montessori or early child education training.

5.How much investment required by aspiring franchisees?

Rs 8-10 lacs minimum investment required to start Kidz Pathshala Franchise. It will vary, based on city and location.

6.what is the brand potential in Indian market ?

The core idea at Kidz Pathshala is to empower the child with the best of modern and traditional values. We believe this to be the USP of our brand and this is what sets us apart. In a rapidly changing world marked by information revolution the race towards modernity has deprived the children to appreciate their own rich and varied heritage. We have a different methodology which provides the brand the ability to keep itself competitive in the Indian market. Our curriculum helps children experience a variety of activities and eventually helps them build a solid character for their life.

7.what factors motivated you to opt for franchise route for expansion ?

We want Kidz Pathshala franchisees to be a platform for those who have the inclination towards mentoring kids but do not have an opportunity to do so. With franchisees, our brand will have a far wider reach and we will be able to cater to the needs of all those parents who are looking for a playschool with a lively environment for learning and development.

8.what are the next 5 years’ plan for the brand?

In the next five years, we plan to reach all the metro and tier 2 cities with minimum 50 branches. The curriculum of Kidz Pathshala shall remain the foundation of all such franchisees. We will be on the lookout for competent individuals who can live up to the high standards set up by Kidz Pathshala. As and when such opportunities present themselves, we plan to expand further.

The primary purpose of Kidz Pathshala is to enhance the development & education of children by offering appropriate play facilities & learning opportunities that can both supplement & complement learning at home. Our aim is to fulfill the potential in every child & ensure an easy transition to play school. Kidz Pathshala is looking forward with the Franchisee Expansion Across India mainly in Tier I and Tier II cities People who are Interested and looking forward to take franchise of Kidz Pathshala may apply at

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