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Interview with Mr. Deepak Soni, Director TCR

TCR Community Resturant Director1.How you have started your journey?

The Community Restaurant has been created was a passion to serve the urban mass population with quality food that is not only SAFE and HYGIENIC but also AFFORDABLE and served with dignity. Our vision is to deliver this through a simple, demystified and de-scaled QSR model which would help entrepreneurs realise their dreams and could be operated by inexperienced people while delivering a unique value for money experience for the common man

2.Brief us on the growth strategy and franchise expansion of Brand.

We believe in responsible growth. Our strategy is quality focussed aiming at creating a core network of successful outlets with passionate and quality focussed franchise partners. Quality will not only win our end consumers but also fuel our growth strategy and will be driven by carefully developing the right partners in all geographies.

3.Where do you see your Brand in Next 5 years .

We envision TCR as a brand equated with quality, safety and hygiene in the urban mass food sector. Over the next few years, we will be a large family of entrepreneurs serving healthy, safe and economical meals through TCR units forming small community hotspots everywhere.

4.What are the qualities and qualifications that you seek for in your franchisees?

We are looking to work alongside ‘Franpreneurs’ who are passionate about quality, hygiene and want to make a difference within their community. These partners need not have any culinary or Food and Beverage Experience but rather have the will to consistently deliver quality and safe food. We want to help them achieve their dreams of owning their own Restaurant.

5.How much investment is required by aspiring franchisees?

TCR has been designed to be compact yet scalable becoming a “Fit to Purpose” quick Service restaurant. The modular format can be adapted to suit various infrastructure requirements. Investment is a factor of location, size of the outlet and state of the premises In our experience, a small TCR of about 150 sqft would require an investment of approximately Rs. 8 – 11 Lakhs which includes civil refurbishment, equipment costs, furniture and Fixtures, licensing costs and Franchise fee.

6.Tell us about the brand’s product portfolio? What is the targeted clientele?

The TCR product range has been designed to provide the most popular and traditional Indian snacks and meals with a focus on delivering effortless operations and quick turnaround to cater to the burgeoning urban mass population. TCR units can serve dynamic menus, innovate and cater to changing market needs in real time without depending on skilled and expensive human resources. The TCR menu has an elaborate range of relevant and traditional Indian snacks and meals , be it the quintessential Vada Pav, Idli Sambar or the ever popular Missal Pav, Poha, Upma and much more. The menu range further goes onto include a variety of Rice preparations, Dals, Sabji variants, beverages and desserts.

7.What is the brand’s potential in Indian market?

TCR formats can be modified in size and scope to serve different needs, to be present at schools, colleges, Office cafeterias , market areas, Railway stations, Truck terminals, Construction sites and Industrial zones. The unorganised Indian Food and Beverage sector comprises of over 1 million units across India serving affordable meals. The urban mass segment will soon form over 41% of the population and will contribute to 75% of the Food consumption. Combining the scalability of TCR with the demand potential in the country gives one a glimpse into the brand’s potential.

8.Any advice for the coming up and potential Entrepreneurs.

Our advice to entrepreneurs is to focus on quality and processes. Everything else is an output. Systems and processes that deliver consistent quality are the backbone of any business and the key to sustainability and brand recognition. Locations 3 in Thane, 1 in Nagpada Mumbai, 1 in New Bombay and 1 at Ambernath.

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