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Interview with Vinodhan KA Dircetor Iwiz Android Robo Pvt Ltd


Iwiz Android Robo Pvt Ltd is a Robotic Education Company training School Students on Robotics through its various business units Android Robo, Robo Station and My Robo Box.

1. Brief us on the growth strategy and franchise expansion of IWIZ Android ROBO Private Limited

The growth of the Company is phenomenal as it is 350% in the second year and 600% in the third year. Focusing 1000% in the current year, of which the company directly will achieve 500% through self and is expecting the balance through Franchisees.
In terms of numbers we are looking for 10 Franchisees in this year to start off with.

2. How has been the IWIZ Android ROBO journey so far?

The achievement in terms of R&D or Business is huge either way. Also we feel the schools are starting to open up way for Robotics when compared to the first year.

3. What is the specialty of IWIZ Android ROBO services?

Method of Teaching, Structured organization, Educational oriented Robots, Curriculum for long years, bringing good changes within the students through Robotic Education.

4. What are the company’s future plans?

Currently very strong in Tamil Nadu. Focusing South India presence by 2016 and Pan India presence by 2017.

5. How many franchise outlets do you have as of now and where you see your Brand

In Next 5 years.

The Business is not calculated in terms of outlets here. It’s in terms of Schools. Currently have tie-up with 64 schools and will be having around 2000 schools in 5 years.

6. What are the strategies that IWIZ Android ROBO adopted for growth and development ?

Direct Marketing, Freelancing, Sponsorship

7. What are the qualities and qualifications that you seek for in Your franchisees? How much investment is required by aspiring franchisees?

We expect the Franchisee to market heavily and manage the acquired schools. The calculated required investment is around 13 to 18 Lakh for Tier 1 Districts, 8 to 12 Lakh for Tier 2 Districts and 5 to 9 Lakh for Tier 3 District Franchisees.

8. Share with us the challenges that can be faced by you franchisees? How can these be overcome?

To identify Franchisee with Potential skills to Market and Interpersonal skills to Manage.

9. Kindly share the origin and concept of IWIZ Android ROBO ?

Chennai. Robotic Education to School Students

10. When and how did the brand enter India? What makes your brand? Promising for this market? Why did it choose for franchising route?

Product and education suitably designed for Indian Market. Franchisee is needed to multiply the growth further.

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