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Recruitment is evolving from an unstructured and fragmented ecosystem to global established players coming into India and adopting new norms of productivity and efficiency

“Recruitment is evolving from an unstructured and fragmented ecosystem to global established players coming into India and adopting new norms of productivity and efficiency”.

Franchising in India is estimated to be worth $22 billion (about Rs. 1. 2 lakh crore) and is growing at 30% annually, according to data from FICCI & CII & FAI . The franchising industry is doing extremely well in India. Franchises are related to all fast growing businesses today, especially in the sector of consumer goods and services. There are numerous types of investment opportunities available for every kind of investor. Antal International Network offers one such opportunity in the recruitment sector

The recruitment industry in India is growing at a fast pace and is approximately worth Rs. 28,000 crore, growing at around 22% per year. The core reason for this is the buzzing job market: currently most sectors are looking to hire and are dependent on niche recruiters who can source the best talents and bring them onboard. Specialist recruiters help corporates manage 25 – 30% of their hiring needs. There is high demand for specialized recruitment businesses as business owners and their team of recruiters can help employer’s source outstanding candidates from the global talent pool.

The growth of the Indian economy is projected to accelerate to 7.4% in the current fiscal compared with 6.9% last year based on a new way of calculating gross domestic product (GDP).Businesses across all sectors are expected to grow. In addition, India enjoys the competitive advantage of demographic dividend, which would together with the hiring intensity, mark a new era of recruitment in the country.

“India is definitely the country of future” says Paul Krugman

65% Of Indian CXOs believe that overall staffing levels are increasing, according to a Sept 2014 LinkedIn Economic Confidence Outlook study. The C-suite is in touch with the talent pulse of their companies.

This year, Indian companies are going to create a plethora of opportunities for job seekers. In the new jobs arena, there could be an average increase of about 14.5 percent—according to India Skills Report (ISR) 2016, conducted by several headhunter firms unanimously.

Matchmaking would be the buzzword: With an outlook on changing needs in year 2015 and characterizing manpower as key to business growth, the growing job opportunities and a reservoir of available talent pool, hiring would not be only about sourcing, interviewing candidates, and getting the vacancy filled. Instead, it would be increasingly about matchmaking the requirements of a job role to a candidate’s capability and Antal International specializes in this kind of recruitment since the 1990’s.

Who are we?
Antal International was launched in 1993 by Tony Goodwin & grew to 11 offices globally, in around 1998; Antal International joined the Asian market by opening a mainland office in Beijing, China. Through 2003 – 2006, Antal International strengthened its European presence by opening offices in Croatia, France, Romania and Bulgaria. Today we have 117 offices in 30 countries, 30+ successful franchises in 13 cities across India from Pune to Pondicherry covering 2 tier cities and metros both alike. The Indian Franchisees cater to different sectors and disciplines ranging from FMCG, Pharma, Manufacturing, Engineering, Oil and Gas to IT, Retail, E-commerce, and Real Estate etc.

We are on the move with 2 new offices in India and 4 offices globally.

How are we growing?
We want to double our number of offices in the next two years and we will surely double the revenue rate in the coming 12 months. We look forward to driving Antal International to increase the success of franchise owners and to achieve the Chairman, Tony Goodwin’s vision of 600 offices by 2020, out of which 100 will be in India.

Why Antal?
Antal International provides their franchise owners a comprehensive induction training, access to more than 20 years of intellectual property, total transparency and access to all of the global clients with whom business has been done before – around 60,000 records. Antal has a unique network of colleagues and peers who actively share clients, candidates and fees.

Antal also provides support in:

 PR
 Finance
 IT
 HR
 Operations

Global executive recruitment firm Antal International India’s MD Joseph Devasia said “The job scenario in the coming year 2015 seems extremely affirmative with a possibility of 30-40% growth.”

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