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TCR Community resturant changing the food franchise trend in India

TCR Outlet Customer welcomeThere has been a significant rise in the trend in out-of-home consumption of food in recent years, spurring growth in the foodservice industry. According to the National Restaurant Association of India (NRAI), the overall Food and beverage (F&B) service industry is growing at a rate of 5%-6% per annum and is currently estimated at Rs. 5.6 Lakh Crore (Rs. 560 Tn) and is likely to grow to 8.6 Lakh Crore (Rs. 860 Tn) by 2017.There are several demand side factors contributing to this growth, such as increasing time poverty, longer travel times, increased number of households where both spouses are working.

A whopping 55% of this sector is formed by the unorganized food sector comprising of hawkers, stalls and street kiosks. The emergence of this segment has been largely need based owing to the urban mass population everywhere looking for a quick, tasty and affordable meal.

For Food Franchisors, the key challenges are (i) Product Quality which focuses on consistency, price, hygiene and taste and (ii) Operations which focuses on service, production and logistics In larger models which cater to a premium market segment, the solution is provided through training, standard operating manuals and standard recipes to ensure product quality. Operation manuals serve as a control tool maintain brand standards in terms of service quality. However, Here, the entire operation is a very complex one leading to high operational costs. For Quick service Restaurants, The solution has largely been provided by frozen cold chain based models which guarantee consistency and taste while minimizing the need for skilled cooks. Unfortunately, such models also depend on freezing systems leading to higher operational costs and consequently a more expensive product.

At RFSPL, TCR has been the sum of our experiences in food operations across multi-geographies and verticals over the last 40 years. Our vision was to build an easy to operate QSR model which serves not only consistent, safe and tasty food products but also engages the end consumer and delivers a Value for money experience.TCR Outlet Mumbai Image

As an ISO 22000:2005 certified company, we have incorporated HACCP protocols and Food Safety Management Systems in our training programs along with operations training and food production to ensure Safety and hygiene. A key differentiator also has been our focus on Soft skills Training to bring in customer engagement.

TCR customers are served by trained and empowered women wearing hairnets, gloves and a warm smile. The most powerful differentiator in the customer engagement process are the women crew themselves who’re passionate about quality. At TCR we engage our crew members equally and create a sense of ownership, which then translates into a happier experience for the end consumer.

TCR Food Products 1The entire kitchen is open for consumers to view the safety and hygiene of simple processes through which their food is prepared. A simple feedback collection mechanism ensures that we stay connected to customer expectations and address issues in real-time.TCR Vadapav Image

As for the product, our methodology does not depend on frozen cold chain products but ensures consistency and taste without the use of skilled cooks, flavoring taste agents or preservatives while serving freshly cooked products with expected tastes at lower costs to the end consumer. We believe this is our key differentiator as a strong value component not only for the end consumer but also for the Frantrepreneur. Our own R&D labs and manufacturing facilities have brought in a tremendous advantage of continuous product innovation providing Franchisees with unparalleled menu flexibility – Introducing a new product at any TCR unit can be done in a very short time while production capacity can be varied to suit market conditions in real-time

The success of any food service operation will depend on adherence to quality processes and continuous innovation. At TCR, the B2B level strategy is to de-mystify and simplify the kitchen while delivering a strong Value for money Customer experience through our products and service engagement at the B2C level. We are confident that in time this will stand out and build TCR into a large family of community hotspots present in every urban mass eco-system.

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