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Profit from Transforming People : People Pro

Profit from Transforming People

11 years ago an organization took a small leap of faith, which resulted in a gigantic leap into the area of People Development. They were trailblazers in an untapped territory and ran with an idea that was ahead of the times. They refused to tread the beaten path and the road to Transformation rose to meet them. Today this organization is a One – Stop Leadership Training House for all People Groups. Click here to know more about the Champions of Change.

The Journey Begins:

In the year 2000 three inspired and visionary men set out to not just to talk about transformation but act on it. They decided to become ‘catalysts of change’ and create a new generation of positive, successful leaders who would in turn influence people into positive action. They launched PeoplePro, the training company that would unleash a ‘leadership wave’ in the years to come. What fuelled their passion was the belief that every person is ‘leader’ material and can be shaped into one, in the right hands.

An extensive HR survey was conducted across industries to reveal a lot that had to be fixed at the foundational level and it had to be done at the schools. That’s when PeoplePro started our sustained school initiative called SALT (Skills and Attitudes for Life Transformation). Operations in Bangalore where work started at schools at the grass root level to bring in such changes. SALT covers core areas under the acronym FLAVOURS like Future Focus, Life Skills, Attitudes, Values & Ethics, Occupational Edge, Relationship Skills and Self Empowerment.

PeoplePro Trainers and Consultants are headquartered in Bangalore. It was initially started to meet the growing need of leadership training in schools. Today PeoplePro has diversified to train up various other People-groups like Parents, Teachers, Graduates, Post Graduates and Corporates. A 360 degree holistic training products is adopted for all people groups.

What started as a spark has become a raging fire today! Within a span of 8 years, with a professional set
of trainers and an “in-house” R&D team, more than 100,000 young lives have been touched, helping them to meet challenges in life and yet be sensitive to the needs of the society, resulting in an all-round developed individual.

The Vehicles of Change:

1) SALT – A Leadership development, integrated into the academic curriculum in schools. Highly stimulating life skills modules, facilitated by trained counsellors, make the sessions completely interactive. Innovative “Experiential Learning Methodologies” provide students a platform where they explore new dimensions to their personalities.

2) 9 – 5 – A campus to corporate program for graduation and post graduation courses. 9 to 5 offers leadership workshops with the purpose of Educating, Training and Equipping them for professional success.

3) L.E.A.P.S – Adopting under – privileged schools under the CSR initiative. A Leadership Program for Schools is, as the name suggests a program that acts as a catalyst in the lives of lesser privileged school children. LEAPS offer a highly stimulating and fun experience that helps them to overcome barriers and discover the leadership potential in them.

4) Kool Kamp – A leadership summer program conducted during breaks. This is a “fun”tastic leadership holiday camp, which educates its participants through leadership games, team building, simulations and exercises, the program participants will identify their own particular strengths, create their own personal goals and develop a commitment to self growth.

5) COCOON – The younger generation today is faced with even more complex situations than what it was, and it is imperative that we raised balanced leaders who can positively influence the world around them. The Cocoon is a breakthrough concept, a first of the kind in the world. In fact it’s the world’s first Discovery Centre for Leadership Excellence.

6) LIME – A short term power packed leadership course, which covers a variety of topics packaged in short-term courses. The program is designed to fit school life and complements academic learning. LIME helps children face challenges of life and brings about holistic development.

Join us for the ride! Adopting the Franchise Model:

Ten successful years since inception, PeoplePro started franchising in 2010 and has been expanding to
different parts of the country and even international markets. The direct expansion mode is more complex and in terms of managing, motivating and energizing people.

The franchising model has helped PeoplePro join hands with likeminded people and they owned the business and the trainers, while PeoplePro provided them with content, training their trainers and maintaining quality. To the franchise owners it was their business and their passion and the organizations’ vision and revenue expanded which resulted in a perfect win – win situation.

Be a Part of the Journey – Eligibility

Capital investment- Rs. 6 to 8 lakhs on a total including franchise fee, infrastructure, working capital back up etc.
Area- 400 to 500 Sq. Ft
Return-on-investment (RoI) – Rs. 23 to 25 lakhs profits in 18 months.
Breakeven – 6 – 8 months
Profit margin – 25% minimum

Franchisee Profile – People who have a passion to work with the next generation and transform them to be the heroes of tomorrow.
USP of the Brand – Though a lot of organizations and freelancers train on topics like anger management or stress management for eg, the way PeoplePro delivers the training is completely different to others. The USP is of the delivery of modules in a power packed sustained way where change is tangible. The training is conducted only through EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING backed by REAL LIFE APPLICATIONS for all modules.

Making the Journey a Joyride:

Business Front: PeoplePro has a strong new business development team that works closely with the franchises to build the business and bring in revenues. Field studies are hosted with the franchises and strategies are developed for the particular area, training is provided to the salesperson recruited person on PeoplePro’s way of selling, assist them on the field, all of these leads to a proper launch pad to build business. The team from PeoplePro visit each of the franchisees every month to do joint business and constantly train them.

Implementation Front: Assistance is provided by recruiting quality trainers, training the trainers, deploy them to the projects, and hand hold them from there on by providing frequent training support. PeoplePro sees to it that once the trainer is certified, accountability is taken by the organization on the trainer’s performance and their quality. The implementation team constantly interacts with the franchise owners by providing them regular support on the field.

PeoplePro’s Presence:

PeoplePro is currently present in 25 cities across India. A fairly well established in the South with its headquarters in Bangalore, and this year there it will expand to the North in the regions of Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi and Punjab. It has its direct operations in Dubai, and has its joint venture operations in Maldives, Lebanon and Jordan. Operations will kick start in Sri Lanka, Philippines, South Africa and some Middle Eastern countries.

Getting all join the Bandwagon:

Target Marketing measures like participating in school expos, joining and initiating Principal’s workshops and Teacher’s Workshops, One on One Presentations, Presentation to Parents, Free Workshops, Demos, Short Term Programs, Holiday Camps for Children where they get to taste the methodology.For Graduates and Post Graduates, there are Presentations and Workshops to sensitize them on the need and they take the decisions in consultation with their parents to join such programs. A PR campaign will be kicked off in early 2013 to increase the visibility of the brand.

The Road Ahead:

There is a huge potential in the education sector both schools and colleges at least for the next 25 years. At the current birth rate and the policy changes by the Indian Government to steer Indian education from a score card angle to over all human resource development angle. Last year the focus was on the Southern markets. This it will be in the North and probably in the latter part of 2013, it would be on the Central, Western and Eastern regions. Focus would also be on Delhi and the cities near Delhi, UP and Gujarat will be targeted and there is active scouting for Master Franchise Partners in Punjab, Rajasthan, HP and Kashmir.
In India almost all centres would be Franchise owned centres but there would also be a parallel construction of a brick structure where there would be four of our Regional Support Offices to cater to different regions, and there will be a Master Franchise network to develop regions that would be called as Regional Partners. The Regional Partners play a crucial role in developing their regions and we together appoint franchises under them. This would create a defined multi layered structure. In the next 2 – 5 years, there is a potential of setting up at least 300 centres in India and expanding in a big way into APAC (Asia Pacific) and MENA (Middle Eastern and North African) regions.


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