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21st Century World Wide Services
A Bronze Member
Established: 2008.     Franchise Started: 2009
Outlets: Company Owned (NA), Franchise (NA)
Investment: Below Rs. 2,00,000




21st Century World Wide Services

21st Century World Wide Services offers services through its own designed business program which not only help the person to earn but also gives a chance to learn which secure there future ahead. Our company has named our business program as “Learn while you earn”. This business program is designed by our experts after keeping in mind the needs of both clients and our Business Associates / Franchisee / Service Providers. The services our experts have designed will provide solutions to the problems of our clients as well as our BA / Franchisee / Service providers.

21st Century World Wide Services is a research and search center which works on the cases and business plans related to the services our company offer. Our experts and professional staff do a deep study of the cases and quires submitted with us regarding our services and business program. All the quires and problems are taken care off under the supervision of our experts. Our experts and other professional staff members have experience of more than 10 to 20 years. Apart from providing services to our clients from all around the globe we are also looking forward to make franchisee or agents or business associate all around the globe. Our company is trying to make more tie ups with companies / organizations or universities / colleges / schools / institutes or law firms or travel companies. Our company wants the best to be added in our list of business program. This is will allow both clients and our partners to get the best which they deserve. The clients will get multiple options to choose from and on the other hand our partners will get options to choose from the huge list of clients. The companies / organization and others will get the complete freedom to pick and choose from the list of cases or quires which would be submitted with our company. Our experts help the clients to choose the best carrier to make there future secured. Our experts give them multiple choices to choose from. Our company helps the client right from the seeking education till settlement in India or Overseas. Our company provides services at the door step of the clients. They help them getting best education followed by job related to there field and interest. Apart of that our company helps them to relocate any where in the world. We help them in applying all the necessary documents with the concerned body to get the legal permission to start there new carrier in there dream country.

Our company has a vision for the future in which we would like to see our clients and partners at the paramount. Our company is working on some special services which would be launched very soon. The service is named as eServices. In this our company had targeted the small towns and cities which are not aware of the laws of abroad and the India as well. The main focus of this service is on the education and employment in India and Abroad. Apart of that there are services like traveling abroad, Bank loans, insurance, filing of VISA applications, Immigration / PR / Green Card, Applying for Passport and much more……

Our company would provide 24x7 helpline and a Forum which would take care of cases and quires asked by clients and others. Other companies or organizations and business associates can advertise through are means of sources like marketing, internet usage, our data bank, seminars, exhibitions and mouth publicity. All the services would be just a click away from the clients and others. The clients can submit there case through internet or can visit our official offices (can check the list provided by the company) in there cities or towns. The documents related to case would under go the assessment for which our company does not charge. After going through your documents our company would send you a letter in which they could find an ID issued to them for further communication. The letter would be having an appointment date for a free counseling session with our experts. The ID is a reference code through which they could check the status of there case and can also earn money through our business program.

Our services are not new but the method or working is different. We believe that working through a friendly network all around the globe could change the course of life as you not only earn while you learn but also come through all sort of people with there different opinion, culture and views which add in to your experience making them more responsible. Our company gives a chance to all who are associates with us. The person who wants to join us has to come through an active ID issued by our company to any one of the following:
1. Client
2. Member
3. Business Associates
4. Our Franchisee / Agent
5. Freelancer

Any one from the above mentioned list can file your application for the issue of an ID to the person mentioned in the application form. The new member has to submit all the relevant documents with us as mentioned in our check list. We do not charge any joining amount from the person joining us as a member or freelancer. They would be given plans from which they have to choose one to become our active member. For more details please send a quire at or

To get more details of our business program please send an e-mail regarding your enquire or call us through our helpline 24x7 voice based system. For any consultancy or appointment for further communication you could send a request on the above mentioned e-mail address. Further if you want to know about are events such as Seminars on different visa categories for different countries. One could also find further details of venues and cities where the events would take place along with the information of topics which would be discussed. The best way to get information regarding the services your looking for is through our website Just fill the enquire form and send it us and we would get back to you.

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21st Century World Wide Services

21st Century World Wide Services
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Single Unit Investment for IMMIGRATION CONSULTANT Franchise

  Expected Investment for
Below Rs. 2,00,000
  Investments Includes:  
  Franchise Fee   50,000
  Equipments   20,000
  Furniture and Fixtures   15,000
  Advertising / Marketing   15,000
  Capital Investment required 50,000
  Expected Payback Period:   One
  Expected ROI:   80%
  Any other Investment needed:   Office Stationary and Employee Salary

Master Franchise Investment for IMMIGRATION CONSULTANT Franchise

  Expected Investment for
  Franchise Fee:   1,50,000
  Investments Includes:  
  Furniture and Fixtures   50,000
  Advertising / Marketing   50,000
  Capital Investment required: 2,00,000

Important Points for IMMIGRATION CONSULTANT Franchise

  Franchise Training
  Training Program available for the franchisee
  Software/Hardware Support included in the Franchise Fees
  Franchise Training Venue:     Franchise Site
  Franchise available in Regions:  
  Area/Site Preference:     Commercial,Residential
  Minimum Floor Area needed:     500s.ft
  Term of Franchise Agreement:    
    Franchise Agreement is renewable
  Other Important Points  
  Minimum Guarantee given   6 Months
  Facility provided   20,000
  Master Franchise Available  
 Site Select Help given  

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