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 TOP 5 Emerging Technologies Training Companies - 2


About the Company

Since 1993, IIHT has been at the forefront, providing a learning platform through job-oriented IT courses, thereby bridging IT skill gap. IIHT has been dedicated to making candidates skilled and employable based on changing industry requirements. IIHT a pioneer in job-oriented learning is perhaps the only pan-India brand today to cover multiple emerging technologies such as IT Infra Management, Social, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud.

Current Market Landscape

The current market landscape is maturing rapidly. The chief driving force for the same has been the ‘Democratization of IT’, where in the consumer is at the heart of all change. User behaviour and demand is shaping the eco-system and of course, the ICT penetration is exponentially increasing the adoption of IT. The current market landscape is evolving into an incubator which will foster further innovation, for which technologies such as SMAC will be the pillars towards transformation. It is also imperative to note that IT is no longer an isolated industry but an integrated function of every business today. This is fuelling the increase in IT roles across multiple industries.

Addressing the Challenges

One of the biggest challenges in India is currently the mismatch in skills between the industry and the education system. Recruitments are turning niche and far more focused than ever before. The paradox is obvious wherein there are many job aspirants who are unemployed and at the same time, there are many openings in corporate that are yet to be filled. On one side, job-aspirants are still in want, and on the other side employers are not able to acquire job-ready billable talent.

IIHT has a global presence and works with many corporate. This gives the firm a crystal clear visibility of the way the industry is headed. The corporate training exposure is percolated into the learning content and passed on through a time-tested, yet evolving pedagogy. The key objective of the learning is not empowering the candidate with knowledge, but enabling a candidate with skills which can be applied on respective job roles. In fact, every course or programme at IIHT is mapped to specific job roles. IIHT courses are geared to equip the candidate to begin working on the job role from the first day.


While clients could imply students, graduates, working professionals, knowledge-seekers, job aspirants, corporate or even home makers, IIHT have custom designed offerings for each with an irresistible value proposition. While a student pursuing education gets an edge over peers in a campus interview, a home maker could perhaps work from home after learning web development. An organization can associate with IIHT to increase the average productivity per employee or a specific team can get trained in a longtail and niche technology. A job aspirant increases the chances of being employed. A working professional upgrades to move to the next level in preferred IT career. While IIHT is a pure play IT training company, it is easy to observe that the services being catered to clients is audience-specific and the return on association is an assurance to all.

Differentiating Factors

A rich legacy of 23 years has seen IIHT tide over many highs and lows of the industry. IIHT is perhaps the only pure play IT, pan-India learning group with training opportunities across all emerging technologies such as Social, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud. The association with corporate gives IIHT a distinct exposure to inculcate real-time industry requirements into the curriculum making it very hands-on and almost equivalent to on-demand learning. The differentiating point of IIHT’s service is that it gives all its stakeholders an edge over their competition.


In the Enterprise Learning Solutions (ELS) space, IIHT is associated with over 150 of the Fortune 500 companies. To name a few, IIHT works closely with Cognizant, Accenture, Wipro, HP and many other industry majors. IIHT ELS is a Strategic Business Unit of IIHT which is primarily into Corporate Training and Optimized Talent Acquisition Solutions.

Organizational Culture

The organizational culture reflects in the flat hierarchal system where people are encouraged to indulge in multiple responsibilities based on individual strengths and aspirations. Lack of ambition is the only enemy that holds anyone back. Employees are encouraged to participate in group and individual upgradation programmes to not just increase personal productivity and overall profitability, but to prepare them for a career progression within IIHT.

Harboring Innovation

IIHT welcomes people from multiple industries which help in infusing innovation and having multiple perspectives. While the core team brings over a century’s experience in IT Training, IIHT boasts of a healthy mix of young talent and seasoned exposure. Employees are incentivized for bringing new ideas to the table. Employees are encouraged to do things the way never done before, even do things that were never done before. It is okay to fall or fail. But it is not okay if one never tries to fly. Multiple forums are created for knowledge sharing which comprises internal customers, opinion leaders and industry experts.

Go-to-Market Strategy

IIHT believes in keeping things simple. There is an acute need for skill development. While skill development has become a term in vogue, IIHT has been focusing on job-specific skill development. What IIHT has achieved only skims the surface of the potential ahead. India amongst other peers needs skill development more hungrily than ever before. With over 65 percent of population being 35 or under, and half the country's population of 1.25 billion people being under 25 years of age, this advantage of ‘demographic dividend’ could soon convert into a ‘demographic disaster’ if they are not provided with employment.

IIHT is currently at the crux of action being the chosen partner to students/ job-aspirants, educational institutions and recruiters. Job aspirants need skills to get placed since academic learning is simply not enough. Educational Institutions are looking to join hands with IIHT since the academic curriculum alone does not ensure employability. Recruiters are looking to IIHT to source and deploy specific job-ready talent. IIHT is playing a significant role by bridging all the stakeholders on one common platform.

While IIHT already has a footprint in 20 countries, and about 150 centres globally, IIHT is on an aggressive expansion drive to partner with like-minded associates who share its vision to take forward this enterprise into the next growth wave.

Quick Facts

1) Year of founding: 1993

2) Funding information: Self-funded

3) Founding members: N Keshava Raju

4) Office locations: Pan-India

5) Company strength: 500+

6) Website:

 IIHT: Bridging the IT Skill Gap

 SiliconIndia caught up with Keshava Raju, Group MD & CEO, IIHT, a first-generation entrepreneur who established IIHT at the ripe age of 21. After spearheading the company past many milestones over the past 22 years in the ability of Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, he believes that there is a long way to go. Read on to find a few snippets of our interaction.

1. What prompted you to start IIHT?

IT was poised to not just be a boom but a trend that all businesses would have to embrace unfailingly to sustain and expand. This would undoubtedly mean that the need for quality manpower will far outweigh the supply. This inspired and instigated the inception of IIHT, to bridge the IT skill gap, thereby enhance employability through quality vocational education. Today, the scenario is that there is ample opportunity, but little employability, and IIHT is here to address the equation.

2. Can you tell us about some of the major milestones that you have achieved in the journey so far?

We started out with 1 centre. Today IIHT is an IT training powerhouse with 200 centers spanning 20 countries. IIHT is today the preferred choice for Corporate Training with over 250 Corporate, out which many are amongst the Fortune 500 category. Our client list comprises of names such as Accenture, HP, and Wipro. IIHT today is a reputed name in international markets where we work actively with individuals and corporate alike.

3. What are some of the highlights of your course content? Do you provide placement assistance?

IIHT offers an array of certifications and various courses across technologies such as Networking, Java, Android, Dot Net, Big Data and many more. The benefit that students gain is essentially a job-based learning curriculum. IIHT also provides Cloud Services for a diverse clientele. This has enabled us to equip students with the best of real world knowledge rather than textbook literature. In fact, IIHT offers Cloud Training on the Cloud itself. So students learn cloud on the cloud. The course is designed in such a way that entire course content ensures comprehensive learning from the fundamental level. The new gen cloud course from IIHT creates awareness to deliver and support the IT services using some best practices and approaches. The course starts with Enterprise Power Desktop Environments, configuring, administering & troubleshooting Windows clients, configuring administering & troubleshooting Red Hat Linux clients, and troubleshooting Cisco Routers & Switches, configuring VPN and WAN, and administering VLAN.

The curriculum further covers configuring, administering and troubleshooting Windows Server, configuring and managing DAS, NAS and SAN and configuring, troubleshooting and managing the cluster. It also addresses fundamental concepts of storage, recognizing terminology and concepts of AWS platform, and navigating Management Console amongst various other aspects. However, Virtualization is the most important module. It covers configuring, administering and troubleshooting of server virtualization of different platform; Microsoft based Server Virtualization solution, VMware based Server Virtualization solution, Citrix based Server Virtualization solution, and Citrix based Desktop Virtualization solution.

The Cloud Course completion does not only provide the certificate of IIHT Certified Cloud Engineer, but also brings with it the knowledge gained with over 15 certifications to ensure that many job roles open up to students. About 20 job roles have been matched during the development of this course. A combination of all these factors ensures that fresh students are employable immediately on course completion.
The curricula covers end to end management spectrum of in-place infrastructure to virtual infrastructure on cloud. The students not only become proficient in designing and managing cloud infrastructure, the sheer depth of training also makes them very proficient in managing in-place legacy environments. The course is a future proof curriculum ensuring the students get the widest range of possible job opportunities in IT Industry.

5. Tell us about the strength of your trainers. 

Having been in the industry for over 2 decades, IIHT retains the best of talent for imparting knowledge. All trainers have to be IIHT-certified to commence their association with IIHT. The trainers undergo numerous training programs at regularly to ensure that they are abreast with the evolving industry trends and the recruitment scenario. The trainers are not just experts in the respective technology, but also bring a strong expertise in training methodologies. At regular intervals, reputed opinion leaders and subject experts are brought in for knowledge dissemination in the form of workshops. 

6. What are the benefits for your clients?

Our courses are versatile. The courses can be fit into various models to meet various budgets, and custom-designed based on the organizational and learning objectives. IIHT is among the pioneers to have developed an outcome-based pricing model for companies. IIHT is also engaged in transforming talent across experience levels right from inductees up to highly experienced professionals. IIHT has a wide array of courses crossing the 2500 mark when it comes to Corporate Training which include elementary programs spanning up to high-end niche technologies. On an average, about 6,000 students undergo training at IIHT worldwide every month. All the courses come with certifications and affiliations with world leaders such as CompTIA, Red Hat, Microsoft, SMU and others ensure that these are recognized and valued worldwide. These certifications don't just enhance the value of the resume but actually develop skill sets that can be applied during job because of the professional training approach.

7. What is the road map ahead? 

IIHT is looking to strengthen its position in the market. Our domestic plans comprise of organic and inorganic approaches. New business models have been devised to suit the time-poor investor. On the international front, IIHT is making inroads into Latin America and Southern Asia. All of this is still based on one simple founding principle, as cliché as it may sound, to make students employable in the IT domain and meet the rigorously niche demands of today's increasingly demanding employer.

 Tech news: Droidcon comes to India

 Bangalore will host India's first international Android conference, Droidcon, on November 18 and 19. Organised by HasGeek, a tech start-up that specialises in designing and conducting technology events, the conference is part of the world's largest series of Android conferences, with other editions in London, Bucharest (Romania), Brussels, Amsterdam and Berlin.


Organised by developers for developers, the multi-track, two-day event will provide a rich variety of content for delegates with several international Android developers slated to speak at the event. It will be held at the MLR Convention Centre in Whitefield. The content of Droidcon sessions is ranked by community voting of submissions made via HasGeek's portal and selected by a programme committee with representation from the local community and the international Droidcon events. The theme for the conference covers a range of topics that include building well-designed apps, dealing with device diversity, performance optimisation, NFC, Arduino, and usage in the enterprise.

This is being held in collaboration with the Bangalore Android Group, India's largest android development community. Contact:


At a fun-filled quiz contest, held for the employees of SAP Labs, teams from SAP offices in Bangalore, Gurgaon, New Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata battled it out for the top spot. Conducted by popular quiz master and politician Derek O'Brien, the Bangalore team, comprising Sumeet Shetty, Ravi Subramanian and P. Rajesh, bagged the first position.

Gifts worth Rs. 75,000 were given to the prize-winning team and the runners-up. This year, the annual in-house event saw over 150 teams battle it out, of which six teams were chosen for the grand finale.

Accolades for Wipro

This week, IT major Wipro became the first and only Indian IT company to be ranked in the Aon Hewitt ‘Top Companies for Leaders' global list, a release from the company stated. The ‘Top Companies for Leaders' study is conducted by Aon Hewitt, a global human resource consulting firm, in partnership with The RBL Group, a strategic HR and leadership advisory firm, and Fortune magazine.

Winners are ranked based on strength of leadership practices and culture, examples of leader development on a global scale, alignment of business and leadership strategy, business performance and company reputation, among other things.

Ajay Soni, Asia Pacific Head for Leadership Consulting, Aon Hewitt, said, “We observed Wipro to be exceptional on three accounts: exposure and challenge is key to development of talent at Wipro, formal and informal mentoring plays a big role in development of people, and it has a good process of top leadership and board involvement in developing the leadership pipeline.”

Training on the cloud

Global IT major Microsoft and technology trainer IIHT along with Microsoft launched a certification programme, IIHT Certified Cloud Expert, that will help IT professionals acquire skills on the cloud. This includes training in virtualisation solutions, IT infrastructure monitoring and management, along with private cloud designing and deployment skills.

IIHT also launched ‘Learning as a Service' on the cloud using Microsoft Virtualisation Technologies, the release added. This platform is available as real-time experiential learning as a service and is accessible anywhere, anytime and on any device instantly on demand. This service can supports simultaneous learning of 20,000 individuals with decreased cost, available on subscription, pay only on use, and individually customisable for any IT learning environment, the company claimed.

 IIHT Partners with Microsoft to Launch Learning pr

Our cloud will enable people globally to acquire complex IT skills anywhere, anytime

Karnataka, India
IIHT along with Microsoft launched, a one of its kind certification program "IIHT Certified Cloud Expert" .This cloud computing program will help IT professionals and aspirants acquire the necessary skills to develop into cloud professionals by acquiring hands on expertise in virtualization solutions, IT infrastructure monitoring and management, along with private cloud designing and deployment skills.
Also IIHT Ltd, India's leading technology training organization today announced the launch of ‘Learning-as-a-Service' on the cloud using Microsoft Virtualization Technologies which will be powered on Dell Enterprise Server Solutions. IIHT's Cloud Strategy removes the need to continuously purchase, maintain, upgrade, and re-configure expensive equipment for ANY IT Training. This platform is available as real time experiential learning as a service and is accessible anywhere, anytime and on any device instantly on demand. This unique service supports simultaneous learning of 20,000 individuals with decreased cost, available on subscription, pay only on use, and individually customizable for any IT learning environment.
IIHT's Cloud Computing program will cater to the growing demand for trained & certified Cloud computing experts to the IT Industry.IIHT would train and certify 100,000 Cloud professionals globally including India in the next 3 Years.
Commenting at the launch Mr. Keshava Raju, MD & CEO, IIHT Ltd said, "This course is a first of its kind that is exceptional and uniquely differentiated, train's people on Cloud Technologies, using the Cloud and for the Cloud Industry." 
IIHT Ltd and Microsoft Corporation, have announced a strategic alliance today in Bangalore. Under the partnership, IIHT would integrate highly sought after licensed Microsoft content into its career as well as short-term courses. Microsoft course content will be embedded into all IIHT's courses and will be offered across 150 cities in India. Along with the career and short-term IT courses, the students will also get the added advantage of Microsoft certifications and trainings to enhance skills and job opportunities.
Commenting at the launch Mr. Kyle Uphoff, Senior Regional Sales Director, Microsoft Learning said, "Today technology advancements are progressing at a rapid pace, creating high demand for IT professionals globally. We believe that a combination of relevant content from Microsoft Learning and structured learning methodologies from IIHT centers will go a long way in addressing this demand. We are pleased to collaborate with IIHT to deliver very tangible results."
Commenting at the launch Mr. Vineet Kshirsagar,Director, Partner Strategy and Programs, Microsoft, India said "We're very happy to be a part of this initiative. The demands for professionals conversant with the various aspects of cloud computing will only grow, and a course such as this one can help cater to that demand."
Gartner estimates the cloud market at $150 B by 2013. Source-Computer World 31st August 2010 Zinnov Management estimates, the Cloud Computing market in India to grow at a compounded annual growth rate of 58% for the next 5 years. Source-Zinnov Management Consultant August 2011
All the Market research firms and Industry giants agree that the market for public cloud infrastructure, platforms and applications is already large and growing far more quicker than any other type of IT spending. But for cloud computing to deliver its promise, IT Companies need human resources with cloud computing competencies. 
Steve Ballmer, CEO, Microsoft Inc. on his visit to India last year had announced that Cloud computing would generate 300000 job in India over the next 5 years.Source-Zinnov Management Consultant May 2010 
Nestor Infotech & EDS are the technology partners for the cloud implementation. The service offering is powered on Dell Enterprise Server Solutions.
About IIHT
Founded in the year 1992 in Bangalore by IIHT Ltd. is India's leading technology training organization in IMS. The company has its presence in over 200 centers in India along with and is also significantly present in countries like China, South Africa, New Zealand and Malaysia. 
Ever since its inception, IIHT has recognized the potential of IMS and has concentrated its efforts on becoming a dominant education provider in that space. IIHT certifications are industry oriented, conducted in the state of the art training infrastructure with certified experienced faculty. IIHT has a portfolio of 50 courses and trains close to 60,000 students a year. The organization is known to have trained 10,00,000 students in 350 million hours so far
About Microsoft
Founded in 1975, Microsoft (Nasdaq "MSFT") is the worldwide leader in software, services and solutions that help people and businesses realize their full potential. The company offers a wide range of products and services designed to empower people through great software - any time, any place and on any device. Microsoft Corporation (India) Private Ltd is a subsidiary of Microsoft Corporation, USA. It has had a presence in India since 1990 and currently has offices in 13 cities - Ahmadabad, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Chennai, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Indore, Jaipur, Kochi, Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi and Pune.

 In India, Private Equity Firms See New Allure In O

E-commerce in India has been booming and online giants like Amazon are spending big bucks on the world's fastest growing major economy. Yet some investors are pouring money into retail mainstays of a bygone era - shopping malls.

Private equity investors like Blackstone and Rothschild-backed Xander Group are looking for malls in India, betting that people will flock to stores as more foreign brands open and online retailers ease their aggressive discounting.

Indian malls, which are evolving from ramshackle collections of stores to modern plazas complete with air conditioning and family entertainment centres, are seen as a gateway to brands that a growing middle class aspires to own.

The rise of the mall in India, at a time when many in theUnited States are becoming debt-ridden white elephants, has been helped by a flurry of new regulations that are encouraging investors to take a fresh look at traditional retail.

 Inaugurated in Hisar

Indo-American Montessori Pre School gets inaugurated in Hisar, Haryana.

 News update sonipat

Indo american montessori pre school news update sonipat

 Placement of 1st batch students

We are glad to post this HOT news that our 1st centre's 1st Batch of Diploma in Fire Engineering & Safety Management all 7 students has got placed in DLF 1, Rajarhat Kolkata with a CTC Rs. 1, 14,000 plus free dress and Boot, with PF, ESI and other relevant benefits of the company.

We congratulate our students:

1. Sk Saif Ali

2. Manas Kunar Das

3. Riju Shaikh

4. Mehtab Alam

5. Mukul Banerjee

6. Suman Ghosh

7. Abhijit Adak

 Felicita becomes a member of FAI

Felicita – The European Concept Cafe, is now a member of the esteemed Franchising Association of India (FAI), an industry association catering to the franchising industry in India.

Come and franchise with Felicita !! They serve the best product categories available in Europe like Belgian Waffles, French Crepes, Italian Gelatos, Frozen Yogurt, Pizza and pastas.

You can visit the portal on

 NIMka launches Math Commando Clubs

With a strong demand for fun based learning , National Institute of Mathematika has launched this unique offering of Math Commando Clubs in a Franchisee Format. The interesting aspect is, any graduate can run these clubs after a simple training by the NIMka Corporate. Unlike routine franchisee arrangements , these Club are offered with a 9 year long lease and come bundled with a Zero Royalty benefit. Franchising never got so simple and exciting. Call NIMka / Math Commando at 020-66401111 or mail directly to 

 t4u adjudged winner in Technology & Innovation cat

It gives us great pleasure to inform you that t4u has won the Innovation & Technology Award at Franchise Awards 2013. Our belief in the inherent people, product & service strengths of t4u has provided validation, on a national platform.  I am attaching a photograph of our award, for your reference & viewing.




 Chatar Patars get huge response in Andhra Pradesh

The purpose of Chatar Patar is to spread fun by providing fun foods to its customers,and a fun business opportunity to its associates.

 Chatar Patar enters Andhra Pradesh

The purpose of Chatar Patar is to spread fun by providing fun foods to its customers and a fun business opportunity to its associates.

 Drawing Competition at Kid's Cafe

 kerala's no 1 powder coating plant

Reasons for the NO1 Powder Coating Plant In Kerala

1)Per day capacity for powder coating  is 86000 Sq ft

2)9 stage spray pretreatment plant with OXSILAN eco friendly  Technology

3)6500 sq ft floor area exclusively for powder coating process

4)More then 95 % efficient recovery with auto sieving arrangements

5)SCADA  control operation with latest state of art technology equipment confirming to international standards.

6)Drying Oven with 1,00,000 KCal/Hr

7)Curing oven with 1,47,000 Kcal/Hr

  1. Fully automated conveyor plant

9)World class finishes at local price.

10)   24X7X365 operation with real time process.

Online/SMS facility for Quotation, Order Confirmation, Work status and Payment.

 The India Retail Sector Report 2013

Market Study Says : India , the 5th most favorable destination for international retailers :

The Indian retail market is estimated to exceed US$ 750 billion by 2015, according to the India Retail Report 2013 (IRIS Research), presenting a strong potential for foreign retailers planning to enter India. According to A T Kearney’s Global Retail Development Index (GRDI) 2012, India is the 5th most favorable destination for international retailers (Fig 1). Of the total Indian retail market, 8% constitutes the organized retail segment which is estimated to grow at a rate of almost 30% by 2015, and hence at a much faster pace than the overall retail market which is forecast to grow by 16% in the same period.

 Until 2011, the Indian Central Government denied Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in multi-brand retail, forbidding foreign groups from any ownership in supermarkets, convenience stores or other retail outlets. In late 2012, the Government of India passed a Foreign Direct Investment policy which allows foreign retailers to own up to 51 per cent in multi-brand retail and 100% in single brand retail.

Talent Pool Availability

The introduction of the FDI in retail policy will impact the availability of talent. Many institutes have now introduced specialised post graduate degrees in retail management; i.e approximately 6,000 qualified professionals with expertise in the field of retail management are being trained every year. Until now, retailers have sponsored courses in some of the top B-schools to attract talent at a junior level as shown in fig. 4 below, while hiring at a mid to senior level has primarily been from competitors.

Name Of Retailer         Institutes with Sponsored Retail Courses

Pantaloon                    L.N Welingkar

Kirloskar group            KIAMS

RPG group                  RPG institute of retail management

Future group              IGNOU

Birla group                 Bimtech

Garware group          Garware institute of management

We believe that the current trends and the rapid growth of the market will create an acute shortage of talent at the mid to senior level, creating high demand for candidates that are experienced in setting up large retail chains as well as candidates with international exposure. This increase in demand is likely to drive up salaries. The figure below illustrates the inflation rate in India over the last 5 years;, consequently average annual increase in salary will be between 12-18% in the retail sector as a result of skill shortages spurred by the entry of new foreign players. In addition, salary increases are likely to go up by 20-25%.

 Overwhelming response of the both the stores in No

Recently, there was a launch of Kids cafe in North India i.e. in Amritsar and Panchkula.Overwhelming response from the customers has boosted us to come up with many more outlets in North region.

So, very soon coming up with many more Cafe in North for kids Entertaintment.


 Panchkula Launch

 First Glimps of Amritsar Outlet

Kid's cafe sucessfully launched at Amritsar on 09/06/2013 with the huge reponse from customers...

 ci gusta! opens its doors in Chennai, India

A grand ci gusta! store opening in Chennai, India took place on Saturday, June 8, at the Pheonix Market City, a popular shopping and entertainment destination in the state of Tamil Nadu. Crowds of customers piled in line to get their hands on the delicious products crafted with the highest Italian-made quality.

With temperatures rising above 35°C (95°F), ci gusta!'s cold treats like frozen yogurt, Gelato Tenero, artisanal gelato and Swirlies were a raging success among the locals in search for a refreshing snack.

For franchising opportunities please write to us on

 First Kid's Cafe in North India

It is our immense pleasure to invite you for opening of our very First outlet in North India i.e. in AMRITSAR followed by many more in upcoming months

You all are cordially invited at the below mentioned address on 09th June,2013 i.e. on Sunday at 11.00 A.M. Onwards.

Venue: Sector 109& 110,1st Floor, Nehru Shopping Complex,

Novelty Chowk, Lawrence Road,Amritsar-143001

It is our immense pleasure to invite you for opening of our very First outlet in North India i.e. in AMRITSAR followed by many more in upcoming months

You all are cordially invited at the below mentioned address on 09th June,2013 i.e. on Sunday at 11.00 A.M. Onwards.

Venue: Sector 109& 110,1st Floor, Nehru Shopping Complex,

Novelty Chowk, Lawrence Road,Amritsar-143001