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Optimix Consultancy Pvt Ltd
A Silver Member
Established: 2015.     Franchise Started: 2016
Outlets: Company Owned (7), Franchise (1)
Investment: Below Rs. 2,00,000



About VAWSUM Franchise

Imagine a mother carrying out her routine housework. She receives a notification on her mobile showing her son playing with colors. All her anxiety, all her tiredness goes away. . Instant updates about the attendance are a huge source of relief for the parents. Vawsum ensures that no parents misses the golden moments of the child's journey
Vawsum is an online mobile application which removes the barrier of communication between teachers and parents. Vawsum makes education very awesome by saving the time of teachers and giving the schools the unique differentiation factor.
We offer the franchise/agent to be part of a Business of Tomorrow. There will be minimal franchisee fees with a break even in second year itself!!

Further details about the product can be found on

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Optimix Consultancy Pvt Ltd

Optimix Consultancy Pvt Ltd
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Latest News

Single Unit Investment for VAWSUM Franchise

  Expected Investment for
Below Rs. 2,00,000
  Investments Includes:  
  Franchise Fee  
  Furniture and Fixtures  
  Advertising / Marketing   200000
  Capital Investment required
  Expected Payback Period:   2 years
  Expected ROI:   100%
  Any other Investment needed:  

Master Franchise Investment for VAWSUM Franchise

  Expected Investment for
  Franchise Fee:  
  Investments Includes:  
  Furniture and Fixtures  
  Advertising / Marketing  
  Capital Investment required:

Important Points for VAWSUM Franchise

  Franchise Training
  Training Program available for the franchisee
  Software/Hardware Support included in the Franchise Fees
  Franchise Training Venue:     Franchise Site
  Franchise available in Regions:  
  Area/Site Preference:    
  Minimum Floor Area needed:    
  Term of Franchise Agreement:    
    Franchise Agreement is renewable
  Other Important Points  
  Minimum Guarantee given  
  Facility provided  
  Master Franchise Available  
 Site Select Help given  

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